We have many solutions available

If you simply need to sell fast!

  • We can purchase your property and cash you out in 10 days or less!
  • We will handle all the repairs!!
  • We can purchase property even if it is tenant occupied!

If you are behind on your payments

  • We can make up your back payments and save your credit!
  • If you have any equity, we can purchase it from you.
  • Even if you don’t have any equity, no problem. You may qualify for a short sale from your lender that will allow us to purchase your property and save your credit!
  • We work hand and hand with a title company that is available to help represent you and negotiate your mortgage terms with your lender on your behalf.

If your house is already listed with a real-estate agent.

We will negotiate with your real estate agent to come up with a solution that will be beneficial for all parties involved.

Looking to sell your home in a hurry?

We have you covered, A 2 Z.

Cash Offer

Ready to sell? A to Z Real Estate Solutions buys houses every week. Call us today for an offer on yours. We'll present you with a fair, no- obligation offer and we'll do it without delay. Pick a closing date that suits you and that's it! A 2 Z will take care of the rest. 

Selling Properties

A 2 Z is a professional real estate company that has created the quickest, easiest way to help homeowners sell their houses at a fair price. Whether you're facing foreclosure or massive home repairs, we're prepared to buy your home as-is, remove the stress from the situation, and then sell to a qualified buyer.

Nation Wide Service

True to our name, A 2 Z Real Estate Solutions is equipped to close the sale of your house remotely, and we're able to do it in just about any state in the country. The title company, in turn, will make arrangements and advise you regarding your documents and a Notary.

Buying Properties

It's important to note, we will never charge a fee or commission. We will present you with a positive solution, a “win, win” for both of us. A 2 Z Real Estate Solutions specializes in selling homes quickly, taking the stress out of the equation right from the start.