Nationwide Home Buyers

Nationwide Home Buyers

Did you know there’s a quick & easy alternative to putting your home up on the market? A2Z Solutions is run by nationwide home buyers who can make an instant cash offer for your home that enables you to sell immediately rather than having to wait for months- or years- to find a buyer. If you need to move due to a job transfer, need money for a life event, have inherited an unwanted property, or are facing too many home repairs, give us a call and we’ll come out and make an offer on your property.

Will a Quick Home Sale Benefit Me?

There are many advantages to selling your home to a cash offer buyer over conventional selling:

  • Instead of having to wait to find a buyer, you can sell immediately
  • There are no realtor fees or commissions to pay
  • You won’t have to make home repairs or renovations before you can sell
  • A2Z Solutions can preserve your credit by making back payments on your mortgage
  • Instead of walking away from your property with nothing, you’ll have cash in your bank
  • Closing is fast- typically 7-10 business days following a clear title

There are many reasons why a homeowner will choose to sell to nationwide home buyers, like A2Z Solutions. If you’re facing financial hardship, are paying the mortgage on two homes, or need to find a buyer quickly, we offer a unique solution that real estate agents are unable to provide.

Is it Legal To Sell My House to a Cash Buyer?

Selling your home to A2Z Solutions is every bit as legal as selling through a realtor- and you’ll benefit through the transaction by not having to pay out thousands of dollars at closing. Compare our services with a traditional sale & closing, and you’ll see why many homeowners choose us as the best solution to their financial issues. You may have heard that you can’t legally sell your rental if it’s occupied by tenants, but that’s not the case- we can buy your tenant-occupied property, paying cash that you can use for your next phase of life. See our FAQ section for more information about our services.

Sell For Any Reason

It’s your home- you can sell it for any reason and use the proceeds for whatever reason you choose. Some of our clients wish to take a dream vacation they’ve never been able to afford, so they downsize to make their dreams come true. Other clients have inherited a burdensome property; they’d prefer to turn the equity into cash they can use for other purposes.

Contact nationwide home buyers from A2Z Solutions if you have questions, wish to schedule a meeting with us, or are ready to sell your home for cash. One of the most significant advantages of working with us is a quick and easy closing, typically within two weeks of our offer to buy your property.

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Looking to sell your home in a hurry?

We have you covered, A 2 Z.

Cash Offer

Ready to sell? A to Z Real Estate Solutions buys houses every week. Call us today for an offer on yours. We'll present you with a fair, no- obligation offer and we'll do it without delay. Pick a closing date that suits you and that's it! A 2 Z will take care of the rest. 

Selling Properties

A 2 Z is a professional real estate company that has created the quickest, easiest way to help homeowners sell their houses at a fair price. Whether you're facing foreclosure or massive home repairs, we're prepared to buy your home as-is, remove the stress from the situation, and then sell to a qualified buyer.

Nation Wide Service

True to our name, A 2 Z Real Estate Solutions is equipped to close the sale of your house remotely, and we're able to do it in just about any state in the country. The title company, in turn, will make arrangements and advise you regarding your documents and a Notary.

Buying Properties

It's important to note, we will never charge a fee or commission. We will present you with a positive solution, a “win, win” for both of us. A 2 Z Real Estate Solutions specializes in selling homes quickly, taking the stress out of the equation right from the start.