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Homevestors Cincinnati Ohio

Homevestors Cincinnati Ohio

Selling your home can be a painstaking and frustrating process. Hiring a real estate agency to handle all of the fine details can be helpful, but it certainly is not cheap. On average, you are paying 6% in commissions and fees to the agent as well as 2% for the closing costs. That is not even covering inspection, repairs, and appraisal. Plus there is the hassle of all of the showings and a closing date 30-60 days after the buyers have accepted terms.

When you break it down, it is a huge hassle to sell a home. But there are better home-selling experiences out there with cash buyers who will help you skill all the troubles and get an immediate cash offer, allowing you to move on from the slings and arrows of selling.

Who are 6-day Cash Buyers?

We are just that: we will buy your home with a cash offer in six days or less. We move quickly: we like our offers accepted within 24 hours so that we can move forward with establishing a closing date. We need to know a few simple things like your address, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home, and the current condition of the house as a whole. Also, we need to know how long you've owned the property and if there are any liens on the property.

We don't charge any fees.

Part of the hassle of selling your home is the litany of fees. Commissions, closing costs, appraisals, repairs; it can get costly. But we cover all of that for you. We don't charge commissions or fees; we pay for the closing costs, we pay for the repairs. 6-Day Cash Buyers take the headache out of the selling process.

We know that one of the most aggravating parts of selling is waiting up to three months until the house is sold. We make immediate cash offers and will close within six days, getting you your money as quickly as possible.

How does the process work?

Once we know the essential information about your home, we will make an offer immediately. We prefer an answer within 24 hours so that we can move forward with the process even if you have a mortgage or lien, that gets considered when we make our offer to you.

We then get you a cash offer and close within six days. That does not mean that you have to move out immediately; we can set a closing date that works for you.

6-Day Cash Buyers provide a better home selling experience.

All of the hoops that traditionally have needed to be jumped through when selling a home go out the window when you sell to us. We make a fair cash offer and move quickly, giving you the cash that you desire without the hold-up and hassle of the traditional process.

You deserve to move on from this home and focus on your future without having to worry about all of the costs and legwork that go into selling a home.

Homevestors Cincinnati Ohio
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